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Thursday, 8 May 2014

pedophilia harus di kastrasi / KEBIRI

The emerging cases of sexual abuse of children and the most phenomenal AS. case of aliases emon sukabumi roomates now Reaches 110 Victims child. Began to Unfold child abuse with the cases in JIS JAKARTA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. all parents fret and wanted actors in weight was proposed law to death, only the child protection laws only Punish perpetrators of 3 to 15 years, another proposal sufferers in castration (chemical), castration is done for protection against sexual crimes, as men do in the ancient Chinese Eunuchs castrated testicles cut.
so seaiknya child protection law in judicial review or published PERPU or Amended to include other penalties such as castration. now castration as punishment for pedophilia cekoslowwakia berlaku in Germany, polandia, Macedonia, 9 states in the USA UNITED STATES, Korean and modern iran.kastrasi with antiandrogens inject into a blood vessel, sodomi dan homo seksual dua hal yang saling berhubungan ada itu sejak nabi luth di daerah sodom. biasanya orang homoseksual itu bisex keistrinya biasa tapi kelaki laki juga oke hati-hati. homosexual lebih marak ketika seorang presiden amerika berjanji dalamkompanyenya akan membolehkan kaum homo masuk tentara ketika jadi ya tentara penuh gay

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