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Monday, 2 April 2012

Style Energy Efficient, practical,economical, and healthy !!

Style Energy Efficient, Practical,Economical, and Healthy!
        We often think that energy-efficient and more difficult and complicated to do, think think again. A lot of really easy and simple way we can do every day.

      Listen here, simple steps you can do to conserve energy use at home.

  •  Make a habit of walking or bicycling when traveling close enough.
  •  We have to get used to clean the air filter located in a variety of household items, such as air conditioners and vacuum cleaners, every two or three months. Dirty air ducts will further increase the energy use for the equipment is turned on.
  •  We need to make sure every time you close the refrigerator door closed. Open the refrigerator door will increasingly absorb the energy use for refrigerators need more energy to keep working.
  •  If we're going to use a washing machine, make sure the tubes are used capacity is full then we began to wash. Tube containing a few clothes require the same energy with a full tube. For traditional drying rather than tumble drying on a washing machine because it is much more energy efficient.
  • How to Remove the plugs always plugs-we are not using, including cell phone charger. Leaving the cord still attached in a state, it spends energy. In order to simplify, we can use the plug with a colored button to stay pressed to stop the flow of electrical energy to the cable.
  • Must Be sure you use the sleep mode or hibernate feature on your computer. So, when not in use, no electrical energy is wasted. We can save energy up to 15 percent by doing this.
  • Try to Replace all regular light bulbs with energy-efficient CFL. They use two-thirds the energy of traditional bulbs and last up to 10 times longer.
  • We do not forget to use the lid when you're boiling food. Cover the pan very helpful wasting a lot of heat energy is wasted.
  •  Use a detergent as needed. The use of plastic bag/ wrap as necessary.

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