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Sunday, 11 March 2012


Today, 300 years ago, exactly  March 12nd,1811, the Dutch East Indies governor general's Daendels Wilem Herman ordered to make the road from Anyer (the western tip of Java island to the eastern end of Java, Panarukan (about 1000 kilometers). As it happens slowdown in a hilly rock (rock) 9 KM before the City Sumedang. road works delayed because the rock is a difficult and steep. Many people have told Sumedang that forced labor (corvee labor) like a serf in place and they were many who died from disease and hunger. Seeing a state that Prince Regent Kusumah  Dinata not have the heart to the people miserable. So on that date the prince, met  Daendels .. Daendels : welcome greeted the prince and princes How are you? said, thrusting his right hand, but the prince did not immediately welcome Sumedang even the prince held out his left hand. Daendels was shocked the first time there is a native who dared to insult and humiliate him ....... but it was too late because the prince Sumedang is expert wisdom, the power of knowledge is above average. The prince instantly control of the subconscious mind so that a Governor-General Daendels directly Sumedang genuflection before the prince, as well as direct sugested / rules Daendels , and said  Daendels Sumedang people are dying because of your ambition, sir, make it a good way but if you were successful please pay attention to their workers. Please give good food and equipment. Daendels not challenge the power of the prince's eye, he can only say: iiiiya prince, yes sir prince . Then the prince went on sugestion: And why do I remember the master Daendels thrusting his left hand to shake hands with you, because your right hand Keris (traditional   -sword) when I hold the master did not want to follow my advice then now it will tear the body  lord. Conversely, if the Daendels would turn to treat workers well then I'll make your way suport . Baa  yes prince ..... only that which can be spoken Daendels.  Daendels so stunned and silent as are the guards and soldiers of the Company. After a while princes go home , Daendels awakened, and said: Where was the prince? Prince was great and brave. If he wants to be my advisor I will give the rank of COLONEL. since that time the prince was called PANGERAN KORNEL Since then ordered Daendels good workers instead of food and equipment plus the number of workers from other regions so that the path in the rock Prince can be penetrated and resolved quickly.
 Since when is the rock and the rock cliff called CADAS PANGERAN. If you pass in the west end of Princes Rock will see the monument there are two people who again shook the left-hand one  (Kornel) the other one  robe shook his right hand (Daendels). Me as the next generation / progeny Prince Kornel still maintain that the science of science :kasumedangan: ...... maybe later I will write in this blog to preserve to future generations. Unfortunately this special event escaped historians. In western Java is not a major war, while making way for the governor-general Daendels . Daendels can be controlled by the wise. many residents in western Java. west java area almost equal to the area netherland. Many people of western Java smart, wise and prudent, but the authors note, from administration to administration began to exclud west Javanese people in our government so often unstable and easily swayed because of the clever, wise and prudent that in fact many in the west Java is not included in an optimal and proportional. On the other hand too many western Java which has become a leader, both local and national level do not remember the little people, they're so selfish, forget the culture of origin and greedy, selfish and his group.If you remember the history of Majapahit was also difficult to control in West Java event Bubat Pitaloka tale princess. History also records  Sultan Agung can attack Batavia together with   western Java people,,,,,,,, if you want to get ahead do not forget the good people of western Java. This suggestion ..... trust me sir

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