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Thursday, 26 July 2012



The term hypnotis or in the more well known by the term hypnosis, first introduced by an expert physician named James Braid Surgery who lived 1795-1860 years BC. Previously hypnosis is also known as personal magnetism or mesmerism.

Before you learn more then the first term we recognize the term as follows:
A. Hypnosis:
Hypnosis is one of the science branches of science communication, the use of suggestion (ADVICE OR ORDERS) so that it can manage (not control) the human subconscious. after someone entered his subconscious, we can embed the suggestion / order / specific suggestions in their minds, thus making them able to do the things we ordered. The state of hypnosis is a state where the person's condition resembling sleep (condition Trance). Why is such a state of drowsy sleep since the beginning but the difference if it's normal sleeping unconscious and sensuous hypnotic state of rest, but when we are still conscious and can still be active senses.
2. Hypnosis:
Hypnosis is a person who performs hypnosis, a term similar to the artist, an internist, a therapist.
3. SUYET is another person in hypnosis
4. Hypnotic-anesthesia: hypnosis is a branch of a commonly used clinician in action, his client made hypnotized so do not feel pain during the action.
5. Clinical Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy is often known as a therapy that uses hypnosis in facilitating the "Healing / Healing" someone.
- Hypnosis (especially the "extreme Hypnotist" as is often done by a show on TV will be successful if the object (suyet) besedia in hypnosis.
- Nature of the human mind is divided into two, namely the conscious mind (conscious mind) and subconscious (unconscious mind). The purpose of hypnosis is to make the suyet is in their subconscious (not unconscious. Situation after the volunte do various things in the unconscious influence of so-called "trance".

The procedure for hypnotic
A. Self-confidence
Before performing the hypnosis, you must be absolutely sure and confident that you are able to hypnotize others. Convince yourself that you are a great ahl hypnosis. Without self-confidence, hypnosis is that you do is doomed to fail.

2. Rhythm
Customize your sound with the rhythm of the breathing rate suyet. This can be done by observing the movement of the diaphragm at the cavity sukrelawan breathing. The most appropriate time to bring the suyet into their subconscious is when they are exhaling (expiration eseperti are often stiffened diTV master). Usually, if hypnosis is running successfully, tempo and rhythm of his breathing became slower suyet. At that time, slow tempo and rhythm of your speech according to the rhythm of the breath suyet.

3. Tone of voice
There are two kinds of voice tones that could be used in hypnosis.
A. Monotonous tone of voice
This method is often used by the NII Romi Rafael. Monotonous tone of voice is flat and the tone tends to the same from beginning to end, with the use of the word yag constantly repeated. The aim of using monotone voice is so conscious of the suyet was bored, so he is more easily into the subconscious.
B. Voice tone Wavy
Tone of voice used is the tone of voice rising and falling, weak-strong, high-low. Actors hypnosis will first talk in a low tone, then rises up to bring the increasingly suyet into a state of "trance".
Please select one suaa tone that suits your personality. Choose the most convenient and comfortable when you say.

4. Bringing the unconscious into the suyet
First, tell the suyet to perform a routine, eg 'Count from 1 to 10, each count will make you into your subconscious ne ". Or "pull a deep breath ... exhale". Or ask "who is your name?"
In the midst of that process, shake his hand, face-to-eye, and do  surprising that he quickly entered his subconscious. Something of a surprise, among others:
o immediately handshake
o Lifting the wrist upward
o to show your finger to the forehead suyet
Remember, when doing these things, still maintain eye contact with the suyet. Then, create the suyet do things that you ordered the sentence of hypnosis.

5. Sentence of hypnosis
Hypnotic sentences should be pronounced smoothly, anpa words like "uh ...", "mmm ...", "ehh ..." and so on. Sentence is a sentence of hypnosis usually pitched sugstif command, short, dense, and uttered repeatedly.

Example sentence of hypnosis:

The first thing you should do is .....
Make yourself comfortable .....
Sit in a chair with both hands on the thighs .....
Once you feel comfortable .....
Focus your eyes on a point .....
Yes ....
Aim your eyes to one point ......
Your eyes will be heavier .....
The more weight ....
And you will be asleep .....
(.......) Indicates that you must give pause before heading to the next sentence.

Imagine you are in a vast meadow ..
around    greeeeeennn  see all ..
In the midst of a vast prairie that contained a beautiful flower garden with shady trees ....
Imagine your group by white colored flowers ...
Banyyaaakkk all white flowers ...
And there is a group of yellow flowers ....
many  ....many... all yellow flowers ...
And there are also red flowers ...
mamy flowers whose color was red.
You are behind a shady tree and sat beneath you, so , relax, and you feel the wind, feel the breeze on the shoulders, so the more cool, more sleepy, more calm ..
Vast green meadow feels soft like  ...tapestry
so you wanted to lie down in a way you mind your right foot and slowly stepped onto the grass feels soft
Followed by left foot stepped onto the grass and feels soft ..
Then you slowly felt lay softly green grass, and you lay degan right cheek against the soft grass ....
And you sleep more soundly, more soundly, and was drifting away and sleep more soundly and peacefully.

Or another example sentence ......... You are now in the beautiful seaside .....
Very beautiful .....
And will become more beautiful .....
You will see the waves and foam ....
A gentle breeze .....
The shade of coconut trees .....
Feel it all .....
Experience with all your senses .....
Go into the water .....
Feel the cold ....
Use your hands to swim through the ocean .....
Etc. ..... Etc. ......

To revive the suyet, you can use the following sentence:
You will see a boat .....
Are ready to take your left coast .....
But you will know .....
All the wonderful memories about this beach will remain in your mind .....
Composure .....
Shade .....
So .....
Get on the boat .....
And you will find a message written on the boat .....
Begin counting from 1 to 10 ......
And each count will bring you to leave the unconscious .....
And return to consciousness .....
And so on ..... And so on .....
"To remember the tempo, rhythm, tone, and volume"


Current process of hypnosis, hypnosis, both modern and traditional hypnosis, has several stages where one stage is the flow into the hypnotic state (trance), where we should be able to learn preinduksi, suggestibility tests, induction deepning, trance level, suggestion, awakening .

Form of a human nervous system. Meat is only a place for attachment of nerves TSB. Nerve centers in the brain and spinal marrow.

In the brain there is a control center / central nervous system command to run the page.

Who runs the command center is "AWARENESS" person.

If we want other people to control command center, then we have to lower / rest the awareness of others, then took command with a suggestion / her suggestions.

2. Induction
3. Trance LEVEL
4. Suggestion
5. POST Hypnosis

Induction is the process of losing consciousness suyet / patients of all levek Beta Theta level (area level trance / suggestive level)

There are a variety of techniques Induction (50 kinds more), but they can be classified into 5 basic:

A. The method of view (fascinatie)
• Hypnotizer and suyet eye contact and eye fixed
• After 1 minute Hypnotizer ordered suyet closes his eyes

2. Method greet (veerbal suggestie)
• Provide advice / command to do the relaxation suyet
• Suyet asked to release all the muscles, drowsiness suggestible

3. Breath method (hyperventilasi)
• Suyet asked to breathe in as much as 15 times
• At its core is a drain on oxygen in the brain so sleepy

4. Face method (fixatie)
• Suyet saw a shiny object (Hyonoscope) for 10 -15 minutes without blinking. Usually marked by tears.

5. Methods east
Hypnotizer using Mind Power, sucking the gates of hypnosis are:
• Ajna Chakra
• Chakra temple
• Crown Chakra
• Forehead Chakra
• Throat Chakra back (nape)

Exercises to strengthen the Mind Power:
• Exercise absorb light a candle / dot / sun for 10-15 minutes
• Exercise Ajna chakra absorbs himself in the mirror
• Frequent use of this method

What to Look For Hypnosis Interpreter
"In providing suesti speak with calm, gentle, dignified with strong copy and nuanced rule, do Insert sound."
Not the words that make you obey suyet but the perspective in mind suyet formed through the advice you give that key to the success of hypnosis.
Less patience is the biggest failure factor for beginner students of hypnosis, they are in a hurry to give suggestion or command while not in a condition hipnosa suyet.
Tests or experiments should be performed in sequence or berjenang, because it is related to the amount and type of muscle that will governed. Failure often occurs because they do not pay attention to this jenjangan.
After finding the suggestion, do not forget to return it to lapse. If not, this will cause suyet confusing to follow the following suggestions are due to suggestion and still recorded in the mind of the mind suyet.

INDUCTION - relaxation
Mixed relaxation method
Suyet asked to rest the mind. Do not be ordered to empty the mind as this can be captured by suyet wrong. If the mind is empty he will prepare to order and will not listen to natural sleep.
While the definition of rest to mind: the mind is silent but suyet in ready to take orders, "close your eyes ...... deep breath, remove ...... (repeat 5 x). Set your breath so rhythmic. Feel comfortable that meets your mind. Flex / relax all your muscles, starting from the head .... Eyelids forehead .... .... Cheek .... Nose .... Ear .... now the muscles in your neck ..... Weak so no longer able to prop your head. Loosen the shoulder muscles .... Hand .... Dada .... Stomach .... Hip .... Feet .... The knee .... Ankle .... Foot ............................... You will feel sleepy. The eyelids become heavy .... In the count of three you will be getting more sleep in anymore .... 1 ... 2 ... 3 ...! Feel a sense of comfort ..... meets these thoughts drift now ..... you will be getting more sleep in again .................. "

Relaxation method Sidney Flower
Suyet sit comfortably, face-to-eye. Hold the middle finger and massage suyet with monotonous rhythm. Each massaged, suyet must open and close his eyelids. Usually for a count of 15-20, suyet no longer able to open the lids, lashes are just moving. Once asleep, stop the count.
Give suggestion: "Sleep .... Well .... Sleep .... "Head suyet will fall forward and the sleepy eye condition. Wipe her eyes, standing head. Bring your hands forward, making eye suyet for eye shadows suyet. Open-close position of hand made right-left and top-down. Do it for 3 minutes.
Can then be done by verbal suggestion.

Method of Counting Backward
Suggestion: "I will teach how to sleep more comfortably: You count backwards from 100-99-98 - .... and so on. The way you count down is like this: 100 sleeping comfortably ..... 99 to sleep comfortably ..... 98 to sleep comfortably ..... ff. But once you're counting from up to 97, 96, 95 you will get the figures they will disappear, and at that moment you will feel a very relaxed state, and you also getting in bed ..................
Invite suyet count: I touch your forehead when you start counting ............ (leading hypnotist counting) ..... 100 ... comfortable beds .... 99 ... comfortable beds .... 98 ... sleep comfortably ..... And so on ....
If up to a specified number suyet still able to count, let him count continues .... And give a lower limit, for example: ...... nice, but you are still able to count up to number 80, 79, 78 ........... Bena you really going to lose because they will figure you really want to experience a more restful sleep and comfort ............... "

Visualization methods Appliances
Suggestion: "Imagine yourself at the top of the stairs to 10. You'll go down the stairs to reach the bottom, at the bottom there is a mattress with a soft pillow that will deliver you to dreamland. Every time you go down the stairs, you will feel that your mind is more relaxed and comfortable. I'll start counting, and you start down the stairs .............
• Ladder 10: There is a sense of comfort to come ........
• Ladder 9: Sense of comfort covering the entire body ..........
• Ladder 8: Your mind at peace ........
• Ladder 7: Sleep you'll be getting in .........
• Ladder 6: Your Thoughts floated ........
• Ladder 5: Mind you float and soar once ........
• Ladder 4: You feel in the air ..........
• Ladder 3: You feel your mind drifting trail .........
• Ladder 2: Your mind drifts jauuuhh ...... drawn once, and thrown off!
• Steps 1: Right now you are in bed with a mattress and a soft pillow.
  Your mind has come to dreamland. Enjoy your sleep ...............

To find out if suyet have reached the deepest level of trance, experimental berkut can help as a test parameter.
Suyet asked to lift an arm up to my head. The position of the arm off, like fatigue.
Suggestion: "Your mind is now on his way to the top of the trance, which is the deepest part of this relaxation. Your arm is a parameter, the benchmark to which you travel. The farther you travel, the closer you are to the top of the trance. Progressively down the position of your hand, the deeper your trance, the more down your arm.
Your arms drooped entirely only if you have reached the peak of trance, you understand my order? Nod of the head ........... Enjoy your sleep, enjoy your trip .......... Until now .......... where are you ?
If hand wholly suyet droop, then she was in a deep trance, or at least suyet has given the signal that he was in a condition ready to be hypnotized.


A. Hand, which is based
Right hand index finger left hand shore
Concentration on the right hand: index finger tip stiffness
concentration on the left hand: completely limp arm
On the count of three drop your right hand, then the left hand fell limp.

2. Stand and fall
Falls back
Suyet stand up straight, both feet together, arms hanging. Relax your entire body and being 'received' orders.
Give advice: "Do not try to impose themselves, but also do not hold back when going down". Suyet will obviously feel there is a boost in attendance.
If the shoulder suyet easily swayed already relax means the whole body.
Standing in the back. stand up suyet head slightly. Place the tip of index finger at the back of the brain that suyet head leaning against the index page.
Suggestion: "You feel will fall ...... fall ...... began to fall ...... if I remove my hand, you'll find it will fall back ........! "
If the body has begun to shake suyet, release your hands, she began to fall.

Falling forward
Suyet head slightly up.
Suyet for attention to focus on your command words: "You will feel fall in the future ......... fall .......... ".
Put your hands on both sides of the head suyet (temples), let some time. Pull both hands slowly forward (the middle of the forehead). Repeat this for 3 x.

Give words of suggestion: "You will fall ...... do not fight ..... if I pull my hand from your forehead, then you will fall .........! "
Pull your hands from his temples, suyet  falling forward.

3. Hands locked
• Wake suyet. Ask suyet locking his fingers as hard as possible (like people praying)
• Instruct suyet to sleep again
• Suggestion: "Your hands are now locked rigid. I have given a strong glue so both hands are attached to each other. You will not be able to separate them. The muscles of your hands now stiff with tension the more you try, the more attached to your hand .........! "
• "I'll count to three, the count of three, you try to separate but the more you try, the more closely your hands ........"
Suyet tried, but could not. Return it to the position: "Forget your hand, your hand has returned to normal ....... deeper sleep ...... "

4. Eyelid test
Sugestikan: "Your eyelids feel heavy at all, you can not open it ..... you try to open your eyelid ...... "I'll count to three, 1 ..... 2 ..... 3 ..... try it! "
Suyet will try and not be able to. If you can, do not panic. Tell suyet relax and sleep again. Once completed return to the normal position: "Forget ...... Your eyelids are normal again ..... sleep comfortably ....... "

5. Test hands down
Suggestion: "I will teach you how to rely more comfortable sleep. Your hands are limp like a rag doll. Pile all your weight on the arm of TSB. When I drop your hand, there will be a wave of relaxation flowing from the crown of your head down and spread throughout the body to toe. Immediately you feel very comfortable and you will be getting more sleep in again ........ (Command repeat 2 x)
Remove the hand. Then do it again on the next hand.

6. Tests stiff hands
Instruct suyet raised his hand as high as his head. Wipe the arm from wrist to shoulder.

Suggestion: "Now you feel that the blood no longer flows into your hands so that your hands will feel stiff and tense. You are not able to bend them. "I'll count to 3. On the count of three you'll open your eyes and try to bend your hand. But you can not afford. The more you try to bend, the more rigid and tense. 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... try ...! "

Restore kesemula: "Now your hand is normal again ...... forget, and go back to your natural sleep .............. "

7. The test can not stand
Suyet sit and still in a state of sleep. Wipe the leg from the groin to the ankle.

Suggestion: "Your legs limp at all, no power. Tendons and muscles of your legs have been broken. Your legs feel limp and no longer. You are not able to stand. The more you try to stand, the more lemaslah your feet. You lose the power. I want the count of three, you try to stand. But the more you try getting your legs paralyzed. "

Affirmation of the command: "You understand my order? If you understand, nod your head ....... "I would count: 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... try to stand up ...........! "

Restore kesemula: "Now that your feet back to normal ..........."

8. Tests itching
Suggestion: "Your Body-covered ants, many ants wander in your body and feel there is itching in your body. Note there is a strange feeling in your body and the itching seems very, very itchy. Let's find where the itch is and must be carded. The itching grew itchy, quickly let you scratch your body feels good "

Back kesemula: "Now all the itching was gone ...................."

9. Memory removal test
Before the experiment, consider the level of his trance by clapping near the temple. If the eyelids and eyelashes did not move a sign of his trance is deep enough.

A> Memory Name SuyeT

Suggestion: "in front of you there is a blackboard. Look for a chalk / marker and write your name ....... now write again, your last name ........ (Suyet  writing movement).
Good, now delete your name ........ (Suyet remove)
You have to remove your name from memory. Now that you've forgotten who your last name. The more you remember, the more forgotten ....... the missing name.

Affirmation of the command: "You understand my order? Nod of the head ............ "
Post hypnotic: "I am going to count, the count of three, you will wake up and open your eyes ............ 1 .......... 2 .......... 3 .........!
Suyet get up but he was still in a state hypnosa (trance). Your last name suyet asked, then he will not forget. Once completed, the command: "suyet back seat and sleep".
Return to normal position: "your memory back to normal ...... remember you have your last name, now sleep in comfort ............. "

B> Memory Numbers
Step-stepnya as above. Suyet suggestible to remove the number 3. In the post hypnotic, suyet invited to count from 1 to 5, then 3-digit will always miss her.
Do not forget to restore memory after suyet.

C> Memory Language
Step-stepnya same as above. Suyet suggestible to eliminate the Indonesian language program. Instead, she only knows Mandarin. In the post hypnotic, suyet invited to speak in  Indonesian, so he will not understand. Get her talking to the Mandarin language (nonsense aja), then suyet will answer.
Do not forget to restore memory after suyet.

10. To find out if suyet have reached the deepest trance level, the following experiment may serve as a test parameter.
Suyet asked to lift an arm up to my head. The position of the arm off, like fatigue.

Suggestion: "Your current thoughts on the way to the top of the trance, which is the deepest part of this relaxation. Your arm is a parameter, the benchmark to which you travel. The farther you travel, the closer you are to the top of the trance. Progressively down the position of your hand, the deeper your trance, the more down your arm. Your arms droop seleuruhnya only if you have reached the top trance.
Affirmation of the command: "you understand my instructions? Nod of the head .......... Enjoy your sleep, enjoy your trip .......... until now ............. where are you? "

Trance is the peak occurrence of amnesia (can not remember) in suyet. The above parameters may not arrive in amnesia, but they will at least indicate that suyet has been in a condition ready to be hypnotized.

11. Catalepsy test
Suyet asked to stand in a state of sleep. Feet perpendicular to the heel met.

Suggestion: "I will wipe my hands into your body. The place where I rubbed, the muscles will be kak TSB section and tense ..... your head and neck become tight and tense ..... arm ..... feet ..... heels down a tense ..... now all the muscles in your body will feel stiff and tense. So rigid as a steel rigid, hard, tense .... may not bend anymore. Your body can not bend stiff again ............!

Ask for help some people to lift the body suyet already stiff. Put in a horizontal position (sleep position) on the two chairs.
Note the pedestal rests are: Shoulder and Ankle Bones.

You can test your body kak suyet to rise to the top of her slowly.
If you stand on top of him, note the spot footing: CENTRAL CHEST - UNDER THE THIGH

Suyet of the chair lift, Stand. Suyet Exempt from seizure.

Suggestion: "Now your muscles limp and loose again. There was no spasm at all. When you wake up, your body will feel refreshed and once supposed t .......... "

This suggestion was repeated several times so that all of the former strain had completely disappeared from the self suyet then wake with a normal count: "1-2-3 ... open your eyes .....! "


Termination phases of a state or wake suyet hypnosa:
 Informing suyet, if necessary, use the sign (cue)
"Soon you will wake up from your sleep ...... slowly you will get into the higher consciousness ..... higher ..... and more aware of .... when you hear a click ..... you will wake up with the perfect wake up with body and mind in good shape as usual ...... "

 Neutralize the time of induction of hypnotic suggestion
"You'll wake up refreshed, normal as usual ..... Your memory has returned ...... you like yourself before ...... "

 Awaken to the matter, give the corresponding period of the rhythm of breath
"I'll count to 5, when a count of five, your eyes will open and you will feel comfortable and relaxed ......
1 ...... Your entire body as they are ......
2 ...... Your muscles will become more relaxed ......
3 ...... Open your eyes (can be coupled with a pat on the arm) ......
4 ...... Movement of the muscles in the fingers, arms and your legs ......
5 ...... Wake up and relax in comfortable circumstances ....... "


Signs of trance

Eyelids: Closed relaxed not vibrate
Eyes: The eyes wet with tears or exit
Jaw muscles: Casual, mouth stretched
Face muscles: Relax, flat face
Breathing: Breathing stomach, calm and in <10 x / minute
Physical: Relaxation is full, no movement
Legs: The legs open, falling to the side


In order to be understood by the person:
A. Do your eyes blink to the person you want to hypnotize. When you talk to that person, imagine who question meets these names, then you blink 3 times in a row quickly. After he said his name then 2x Blink your eyes.
2. Later, all suggestions that you make to that person, the person will receive. Blink our eyes again, then says: sleep! Quickly. If the person is asleep, then hold her shoulders to keep from falling. If you simply want to revive 1x patted his shoulder and let your eyes and wake up.


If you want, you certainly can. Need to be reassured that we are able to hipnosys Suyet . People who want to be hypnotized should be able to work with and has the will and have a high power imajinasion. Remember, the more intelligent the person is, the more easily hypnotized. The easier it is to concentrate (tenasitet), the easier it is to be hypnotized. The more debil person, the more difficult to be hypnotized because it's hard to concentrate (vigilitet). Memorize a single sentence to hypnotize. Remember, with practice exercises to sugestion command sentences like: "close your eyes and sleep, and sleep on, and on and sleep. You'll fall asleep, more soundly, and the more soundly. You will be more restful, relaxing, relax, relax, and relax at all ". The next train to wake up in a way: "I'll count to ten, on the count of ten you please wake up, open your eyes and wake up". Do not be afraid to try hinopsys someone and do not be afraid not to wake suyet. Since every being hypnotized does not wake up, he will go to the actual phase of sleep and regular sleep and would like to build as normal while we do not wake up.

To do therapy (hypnotherapy), then after suyet into the subconscious, then we start ENTERING suggestions, complaints tergntung suyet so far, and what would diterapikan. Generally, headache, stiff neck, chest and back pain, low back pain, lumbago, dysmenorrhoea, often tingling, stop smoking, increase and decrease appetite (diet program) and lose weight, make it more quiet. For people who want to be taken without anesthesia, can be done hipnoanestesi, that is when he gets into the subconscious, then we will do it by saying: "when the part is touched, it will taste good".